The McChrystal Affair

Its always a good idea to read the source information before taking anything you see in the legacy media at face value. That’s particularly true of the ubiquitous stories about real or imagined conflicts, because their bottom line depends on blowing them out of proportion. As William Jacobson at Legal Insurrection points out, the McChrystal affair is another data point confirming the overall phenomenon:

Question: Has anyone actually read the Rolling Stone article?
Answer: Apparently not

The article has very few direct quotes from McChrystal, and almost none that could be termed criticisms. There are a lot of “flavor” quotes, such as this:

“I’d rather have my ass kicked by a roomful of people than go out to this dinner,” McChrystal says.

He pauses a beat.

“Unfortunately,” he adds, “no one in this room could do it.”

But when it comes to actual criticisms of Obama or the administration, there is almost nothing attributed to McChrystal.

…and so on. Apparently Obama didn’t read the article in Rolling Stone either.  Why should he?   Things like this distract people’s attention from all that oil in the Gulf.

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