When the Wind Blows…

…the wind turbines will rock, or at least they did for a while in Washington State and Oregon (hattip Atomic Insights). Meanwhile, it seems Germany’s conversion to alternative energy sources seems to have run into a few snags. According to IEEE, they’re “readying a new generation of coal-fired power plants—including three proposed for Brunsbüttel,” to take up the slack as they shut down their nuclear generating capacity at the behest of the wildly misnomered “Greens.” As Rod at AI puts it, “Fortunately, the article does mention that all of the effort to attempt to build wind, solar and new fossil fuel stations could be avoided if Germany simply decided to keep its existing nuclear power plants on line with a program of continuing improvements.” Kinda tells you something about how serious the “Greens” really are about global warming, doesn’t it?

Meanwhile, Chicago Boyz cite a report in “The Economist” about the lugubrious prospects for Britain’s energy future, passing on the rather dubious intelligence that, “Coal has a bad environmental rap and it is hard to imagine any new coal plants being built in any Western countries.” No doubt that will come as a shock to the folks who are planning to build 43 new coal-fired plants in the US in the next five years, especially since some of them are already under construction.

Apparently Poland’s leaders have seen the handwriting on the wall, and aren’t quite crazy enough to follow Germany’s example. Meanwhile, as Carl at Chicago Boyz points out, China is building new coal fired plants hand over fist. Somebody needs to send them Al Gore’s movie in a hurry before they completely bury us economically. Then again, so what if they do? Consciousness of our superior environmental piety will surely console us as we freeze in the cold.

Update: So it’s natural gas you want? (Hattip Instapundit)

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