So, Ummm, What’s Happening at NNSA?

We’re four months and counting into the new Administration, and the National Nuclear Security Administration (NNSA), overseer of the nation’s nuclear stockpile, continues under the same leadership, in the same old rut. Take the RRW, for example. Even though ArmsControlWonk declared it “dead” way back in 2007, no such message has yet been heard at NNSA. There it’s still, “Full speed ahead!”

Well, I suppose the lack of a new hand at the helm at NNSA isn’t for lack of trying to find one. One problem is that it would be nice if the new Administrator had at least some face to show in the company of Nobel Prize winner Secretary Chu and his high-powered Undersecretary for Science, Steve Koonin. Finding someone like that to take a job as custodian of the nuclear stockpile at a time when things nuclear are distinctly out of political favor won’t be easy.

Still, it does seem like the nation’s nuclear policy is a matter of some importance. Perhaps it would be best not to simply let it drift.

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