Rest in Peace, George Tiller

You were a brave man. Once again, after egging on the murderers and bombers, the “pro-life” crowd treats us to more hypocritical handwringing and crocodile tears. What a fine “Christian” cause they represent; the usurpation of state power to force their point of view on the rest of us. No doubt that’s what Jesus had in mind when he said, “Judge not lest ye be judged.” Meanwhile, standing on the steps of the Supreme Court, they remind us once again that it’s not a question of rendering to Caesar, it’s a question of becoming Caesar.

Norman Hsu, Hillary Clinton, and the NPR Narrative

…so I was driving to work this morning, listening to Public Radio for want of better entertainment, when the voice in the box mentioned “Norman Hsu” and “Democratic fundraiser” in the same breath. Noting an involuntary elevation of my left eyebrow, I reflected that times must be hard and good help hard to find at NPR for the morning shift to stray from the narrative so egregiously. In a moment, though, all was made clear. You see, the Democrat in question, according to the announcer, was none other than Hillary Clinton. Obviously, she is far from recovering the odor of sanctity she lost when she challenged the Chosen One. Silly me, for suspecting even for a moment that the folks at NPR would botch their talking points. No doubt they felt that it would do Hillary no harm if they delivered a therapeutic reminder of what will happen to her if she even thinks of running again in 2012. Checking the story on the Internet, I confirmed that it was being played in pianissimo by the MSM, and, if mentioned at all, emphasized the Hillary angle. The narrative lives!