The American Mercury is Online!

As I was going to and fro on the Internet, and walking back and forth on it, I stumbled across a site that has made the content of every issue of H. L. Mencken’s American Mercury available online.  It’s a wonderful resource if you’re interested in the politics, history, literature, etc., of the 20’s and 30’s, or just want to read something entertaining.  The Sage of Baltimore was a great editor, and he won’t disappoint.  He was at the helm of the magazine from the first issue in January 1924 until December 1933.  The site actually includes issues up to 1960, but the content went downhill after Mencken left, and the Mercury eventually became something entirely different from what he had intended.  Many other interesting periodicals are available at the site, as well as books and videos.  You can visit by clicking on the hyperlinks above or point your browser to:


H. L. Mencken
H. L. Mencken

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3 thoughts on “The American Mercury is Online!”

  1. A bibliography in a respected book listed an article I would like to read: Inside Stories
    of the Secret Service by W. H. Moran. The
    bibliography shows this was published in American Mercury, August, 1937, p. 27. I tried the online archives, but received a message that such article existed. What have I done wrong ? Thanks for your help.

  2. Interesting. Moran was appointed head of the Secret Service in 1918 and later was involved in making a couple of films about it, but there is no record of him as an author at the Mercury website, or even any articles listed about the Secret Service.

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