Action at ITER

It looks like they’re really serious about building this white elephant. Magnetic fusion facilities like ITER are scientifically feasible, but they are engineering nightmares, and will never be cost-competitive with the alternatives, except in the daydreams of the people who write reactor design studies for scientific journals. I’ve always been a fan of fusion energy, but there’s got to be a better way. Oh, well, I suppose this is one of the more creative ways for governments to waste money.

Author: Helian

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One thought on “Action at ITER”

  1. I know very little about fusion, but as far as I know no one has created a working fusion reactor yet. If that is true then it doesn’t matter if this concept is cost-competitive or not because if it works it might generate a lot more support to projects that are cost-competitive (I know that there are a lot of fusion projects currently in existance but most of them – if not all – seem to lack proper funding). Considering the potential of the technology I wouldn’t consider it a waste of money.

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