Is Extraterrestrial Life Possible in our Solar System?

Some have speculated it may have evolved on Io, Europa, Mars, etc. If these places can really support life, we should be looking for microbes and, perhaps, more complex life forms on earth that could be adapted and transplanted there. If there is anything like a “prime directive” for mankind, it is to insure that the life that has evolved on our planet survives. Transplanting it to other worlds, in whatever form they can support, is something we must do as soon as possible to insure that it does.

Author: Helian

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One thought on “Is Extraterrestrial Life Possible in our Solar System?”

  1. The work that’s being carried out by the Curiosity team is a step in this direction.

    By the way, I’ve just discovered your blog (via google link to “Israel and the Other Holocaust” and your reference there to Bunin’s “Cursed Days”), and I am blown away by the breadth of your interests and knowledge. Keep up the good work!

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