Election? What Election?

Apparently the editors of “Der Spiegel” don’t know whether to spit or swallow over the results of yesterday’s elections. I’m sure they’ll make up their minds eventually, but as I write this post it’s already past noon in Germany and I find no mention of the GOP sweeps in New Jersey and Virginia on their website. That’s rather odd considering the fact that only a few years ago the editors were so obsessed with the evils of Amerika that it was occasionally hard to find any news about Germany on their website scattering among the anti-US screeds. Well, I’m sure they’ll decide on the correct spin and come back up to speed before long.

Author: Helian

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One thought on “Election? What Election?”

  1. Ah, the GM decission on Opel affects a lot more people (at least in Germany) so they are focusing on this event.

    That was a good Newsmagazine once…

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