German Anti-Americanism Watch: Wild West Conditions in Dallas

The apologists told us that German anti-Americanism was all about Bush, and would disappear as soon as Obama became President. Dream on! Here’s a charming example that turned up on Spiegel’s website yesterday. In her unctuous opening sentence, the narrator provides the proper “context:” “Here’s a video of the sort that we’ve become all too familiar with from America.” The German media never fail to take advantage of such incidents to throw out some anti-American red meat to the legions of haters in their audiences. I helps the bottom line.

Meanwhile, today we learn that a witness was stabbed to death in a courtroom in Dresden. Can anyone find a holier-than-thou dig about how this is “typical of German conditions” in the US media? I didn’t think so. One would have thought that, by now, the Germans, of all people, would have learned the drawbacks of smearing a whole people for the actions of a few.

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One thought on “German Anti-Americanism Watch: Wild West Conditions in Dallas”

  1. I agree with you on this one!
    The “poor” author must have been craving for sensation.
    Not all Germans are that way. There are a lot of people over here that have a positive view of the States.

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